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900 Series In-Wall Modular Mixer/Amplifiers

W-906A W-912A

W-906A UL and W-912A UL (60/120 Watt) 6-Channel In-Wall Mixer/Amplifiers

Product Features

  • Modular design allows fast and easy custom configurations.
  • Engineered for high performance with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation.
  • Six Module Slots accept TOA plug-in modules for unmatched flexibility.
  • Flush or Surface-mount with optional back boxes - BX-9F (flush-mount) and BX-9S (surface-mount).
  • One Octave Nine Band Equalizer.
  • High and Low Pass Filters.
  • Compressor prevents overload and distortion.
  • Thermal, DC and Overload Protection with muting during power up.
  • Peak and Power Indicators.
  • Muting Function for input priority override.
  • Expandable to Eight Channels with optional WE-2.
  • TOA plug-in modules
  • Five Year Warranty.

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