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All-In-One Fixed Dispersion Array Speaker


The TOA SR-T5 is a 2-way line array speaker featuring 8 13cm (5.2”) low-frequency cones and 24 tweeters, in which low- and high-frequency speaker units are arranged vertically within close proximity to each other. The curved vertical speaker arrangement covers the entire audience area from front to rear with uniform sound volume. Thanks to the excellent vertical coverage control, reflection of sound waves off the ceiling and walls is reduced, delivering clear sound without causing strain on the listeners’ ears. The superb speech clarity and sturdy impact-resistant construction of the SR-T5 make it ideal for installations in sports facilities with strong reverberation, such as school gymnasiums, and with no additional protector grille required.

Product Features

  • Uniform sound volume and clear audio output.
  • Sturdy impact-resistant construction.
  • Internal two-way passive crossover network circuitry for single-amplifier operation.
  • Speaker’s downward angle adjustable with accessory mounting bracket.
  • Horizontal angle adjustable in conjunction with optional SR-PB5 Wall Pan Bracket.
  • Optional MT-S0601 Matching Transformer for use in high-impedance applications.
  • Safety wire supplied to prevent the speaker from falling during installation work and after installation.

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