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AM-1 Array Microphone


The Real-time Steering Array Microphone System has achieved the unique function of detecting the sound source location and steering its angle automatically in real-time to capture the targeted sound more efficiently. In addition, the special, user-friendly app and firmware allow the user to monitor the status of the sound source tracking and make changes to its setting parameters with an iPadT or a PC. With this technology, the presenter would no longer need to be "microphone-conscious" to get a uniform sound level while speaking and moving.

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 Detect sound source location and steer its beam angle automatically to focus on that sound source.
 The dedicated user-friendly GUI is available as an Apple App for iPadT and a firmware for PC browsing. It allows monitoring and setting the following key items.

Real-time monitoring
Detection of sound source location
Signal level of 8 individual microphone elements

AM-1 GUIParameter settings
Tracking range (Horizontal angle and distance)
Tracking sensitivity
Tracking speed
Gain compensation
ON/OFF, Distance adjustment threshold
Duration (Time monitoring of sound source footprint)
Disabling of MUTE switch function on the microphone
Output gain level adjustment


System Configuration
AM-1 System Configuration
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