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M-633D Digital Stereo Mixer

M-633D The M-633D is a compact, easy-to-use digital audio mixer designed for Live and AV applications. The M-633D's simple analog interface makes setup and operation fast and efficient. With powerful, automatic on-board DSP, the M-633D eliminates problem acoustics and feedback that optimizes sound quality for any venue. Multiple outputs provide flexibility for operation in several zones and allows recording of main mix signal. Its compliment of inputs makes it ideal for live performance, conferences and banquet events utilizing microphones and music playback or other auxiliary audio sources.

More Information

M-633D Brochure Specifications Manual CAD Photo Front Photo Back


M-633D Digital Mixer Feedback Suppressor and Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) Demo
Pristine Digital Audio quality w/24bit 48kHz A/D & D/A
1U rack size digital mixer with 12 inputs and 6 outputs:
Easy operation: Analog user interface, no PC setting is required
No more feedback: Intelligent Feedback Suppressor (FBS) built in
Easy-to-use Automatic Resonance Control (ARC) function built in
Automatic Clip-Guard, prevents Input clipping distortion
Auto-Muting of Line Input Sources via Priority Mic Inputs
Output zone assignments easily accessed from front panel
Supplied security cover prevents unauthorized access to front panel controls
5 Year Warranty
M-633D Leaflet for Conferencing Systems
M-633D Leaflet for Gymnasiums
M-633D Leaflet for HOW Applications

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