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M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer

M-864D The M-864D is a 4U rack mountable Digital stereo mixer having 8 monaural Mic/Line input channels and 7 stereo input channels, 6 output channels including 4 bus assignable monaural output channels and 1 stereo recording output channel. It is equipped with digital signal processing functions such as Automatic Resonance Control function (ARC(*1)), Feedback Suppressor function (FBS), Automatic stereo input mute function (AUTO MUTE or Ducker), and Equalizer. Advanced acoustic compensation can be automatically performed without using an acoustic measuring instruments. Furnished with various function setting buttons and 14 analog volume faders, the M-864D can be operated without the need or use of a PC. However, it can also be operated by connecting the PC or optional Remote control panel. It can be mounted in an EIA standard component rack (4U size).
(*1) Automatic Resonance Control function automatically creates an appropriate equalization curve based on measuring the acoustic characteristics inherent in an architectural space, thus improving sound clarity.

The PC setting softwear version is 2.2.0. The firmwear is updated by this setting softwear.

AppThe remote iPad GUI software is for visualization and control of TOA's M-864D Digital Audio Mixer. This App displays and controls input/output channel faders, channel on/off status, preset memory selection and audio levels. Setting can be saved to memory presets for later recall. The M-864D needs to be connected to a wireless router for iPad communication.

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