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SC Series Paging Horn Speakers

SC SeriesTOA SC SERIES PAGING HORN SPEAKERS provide intelligible voice paging and tone signaling for indoor and outdoor sound system applications. Fully weather-resistant for reliable operation in demanding environmental conditions, SC Series models are available with a choice of power ratings from 10W to 50W. High impedance models include SC-610T (10W), SC-615T (15W) and SC-630T (30W), each with a built-in 25 V / 70.7 V transformer with external screwdriver-adjustable power taps. Low impedance models include SC-610 (10W, 8 ohm), SC-615 (15W, 8 ohm), SC-630 (30W, 8 ohm) and SC-651 (50W, 16 ohm). The SC Series are easy to install in wall, pole or ceiling-mount applications and include corrosion-resistant stainless-steel mounting hardware. The SC Series models are also designed for intercom talk-back applications requiring dual operation as both a microphone and speaker.

Each model is a double re-entrant horn with compression driver for high sensitivity and a lightweight aluminum enclosure. The loud-speaker diaphragm is heat and moisture-resistant to prevent deformation and extend operation. The SC Series are also IP-65 standards compliant for dust and moisture-resistance with a wide operating temperature range from -4 F to 130 F. The SC Series Paging Horn Speakers are backed with a five-year warranty.

The new SC Series Paging Horn Speakers are direct replacements for the now discontinued TC Series products. Also see the new CS Series Wide-Range Paging Speakers.

* Note: For outdoor installation, it is recommended that they are installed under roofs, eaves, or in other locations not directly exposed to rain or snow.

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Brochure A&E Spec Ease Data


Paging Horn Speakers for voice paging and tone signaling distribution.
Weather-Resistant to withstand demanding environmental conditions.
Double Re-Entrant Horn with Compression Driver
Controlled Dispersion
High Sensitivity: up to 113 dB (1 W/1 m).
Usable as a Microphone for intercom talk-back applica-tions.
Built-In 25 V / 70.7 V Transformer ("T" Models) with screwdriver-adjustable power taps (8 and 16 ohm models also available).
Lightweight, Sealed, Aluminum Enclosure prevents moisture damage.
Cable Strain-Relief
IEC IP-65 Standards Compliant for dust and moisture-resistance.
Wide Temperature Range: -4F to 131F
Phenolic Loudspeaker Diaphragm prevents deformation from heat and moisture.
Stainless-Steel Mounting Bracket for easy installation and aiming in wall, pole or ceiling-mount applications.
Five Year Warranty
Important Recall Announcement



10W, 8 ohms
Specifications Photo


10W, w/ Transformer


15W, 8 ohms
Specifications Photo


15W, w/ Transformer


30W, 8 ohms


30W, w/ Transformer


50W, 16 ohms

Replacement for discontinued SC-650

Specifications CAD Photo


The new SC Series Paging Horn Speakers are direct replacements for the now discontinued TC Series products.

TC-154S use SC-615
TC-154ST use SC-615T
TC-304S use SC-630
TC-304ST use SC-630T

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