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Here, TOA's Data Library equipped with a search engine offers its CAD drawings made out in pdf and dwg forms, EASE data, specification sheets, brochures, instruction and installation manuals, and a wealth of other product data for your downloading.

Type H Line Array Speakers

Type H Speaker ArrayTOA's Type H Ultra Slim Line Array Speakers offers clear sound, excellent directionality of focus on the listening area, and even distribution of sound over a wide range. These speakers are well-suited for venues with highly reflective interior surfaces such as conference centers, houses of worship and railway stations.

Sync DriveTOA's Type H Line Arrays consists of four models in long and short throws with straight or curved variations: the shorter designs are the SR-H2L (straight), SR-H2S (curved); the longer designs are the SR-H3L (straight), SR-H3S (curve). The short models contain 9 vertically connected speaker units and the long models come with 16 speaker units. Both lengths provide high quality sound without the use of an equalizer.

More Information

catalog Manual Specification SR-H2L Specification SR-H2S Specification SR-H3L Specification SR-H3L Ease Focus Data Photo SR-H2L Photo SR-H2S Solutions for Airports SWF


Outstanding sound quality - Sync-Drive (technology keeps the audio in phase with its sources at the speakers to create an ideal linear sound source.
Space/Energy Efficient Design - Configuration requires less input power to deliver required output.
Adjustable sound coverage - Type A Series provides two speaker configurations designed for specific coverage characteristics, each having a different taper. The 5-degree taper is for effectively transmitting sound over distance while the 15-degree taper is optimized for excellent short range coverage.
Simple maintenance - Maintenance and servicing are made easier on the Type H Series to suit it for permanent installations. All driver replacement is possible from the speaker's rear, a simple and speedy procedure.
Five year warranty



Extension Plate
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Flying Bracket
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Stand Adapter
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Wall Tilt Bracket
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Wall Mounting Bracket
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Matching Transformer
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