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US TV White Space Database

In 2012, after years of intense lobbying by the AV & entertainment industries, the FCC allocated 12 mHz of dedicated UHF spectrum exclusively for use by wireless microphones. Each market (city) has been assigned different frequencies. In most cases, these are centered around channel 37 (which is reserved for radio telemetry). However, in crowded cities like NY & LA (where there is very dense Digital Television activity), these frequencies may be higher up (as high as 650 mHz (channel 51) or as low as 150 mHz (channel 7). In addition to these reserved channels, users may also operate wireless in the available "white spaces" (areas around and in between digital TV stations). Click the link below to a national database, which will inform you of occupied DTV channels, white space channels & wireless reserve channels. Simply click on your location in the interactive map and it will generate a list of these channels in your area. Please use this as a tool for selecting wireless frequencies which have the best chance of trouble-free operation.


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