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Added: 06/19/2017

How to Update Firmware for N-SP80AS1 and N-SP80VS1

This document "How to Update Firmware for N-SP80AS1 and N-SP80VS1" provides Firmware upgrade instructions

Current firmware versions can be found from the following URLS:


Added Note for N-SP80VS1 / AS1 firmware update

Updates must be done in order 21.192.1.x, then 21.192.2.x then 21.192.3.x

After update to Restore to Factory Settings.


Factory Login for changed to the following:


User mode:

User Name: N-SP80

Password: guest 

Admin mode (Required login for firmware update and advanced features)

User Name: TOA-N-SP80

Password: Administrator


N-SP80AS1-Outdoor/Indoor SIP Audio Door Station
N-SP80VS1- Outdoor/Indoor SIP Video Door Station 




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