Repair Information & Replacement Parts

Repair Information & Replacement Parts

Repair Information & Replacement Parts

TOA USA Repair Information & Replacement Parts

For Warranty Service-


Please contact our Support team at 800-733-4748

If repair or replacement is indicated, we will issue an RMA number


All warranty repair work is done at our Authorized Service Center-


Midwest Audio

774 W. Algonquin Rd

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

(847) 640-1890


Midwest Audio will not accept Warranty Repairs without an RMA from TOA Electronics


For other inquiries, please contact your TOA Representative or call our Customer Service Department.



Replacement Parts

Warranty - Replacement parts are covered by a 90 Day replacement warranty if it is determined that the part failed due to a manufacturing defect. Replacement parts can not be returned for credit, refund or exchange.

You can order TOA repair replacement parts by calling:

If you already have the TOA Part Number please call: TOA Customer Service Group: (800) 733-7088 Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm EST, Monday through Friday (Except Holidays). Parts can be ordered via credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or via an established TOA account*. (*A hard copy of your purchase order is required to place an order on a TOA account. Fax your purchase order to (800) 733-9766 or email to
If you do not have  the TOA Part Number please call or email: TOA Technical Services - Product Support Group: (800) 733-4748 "Option 2" Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm EST, Monday through Friday (Except Holidays). You may also e-mail us at An agent will assist you with determining the TOA Part number.

Note: Limited parts and repair services are available on the following discontinued products:


A-901A, A-903A,A-906A, A-912A, P-906A, P-912A, P-924A


M-1212E, M-1264

VHF Wireless Microphones:

WA-641, WA-641C, WD-770, WM-270, WM-280, WM-290, WM-370, WP-760, WP-860, WT-770, WT-780, WTU-770, WTU-870

Note: Replacement parts, repair services and product support are no longer available for the following discontinued products:


A-901, A-903, A-906, A-912, BG-10, CA-10, CA-20, CA-40, CA-60, CA-120, CA-240, KD-1, KD-2, KD-3, M-900, M-2200, M-2200, MA-220, MA-220W, MA-230, MA-240, P-75D, P-150D, P-150M, P-300D, P-300M, P-906, P-912, P-924, P-1030D, P-1060D, P-1090D, P-2062, P-2120, P-2122, P-2240, P-2612, PA-22, PA-031, TA-30RZ, TA-60RZ, TA-101, TA-110A, TA-120RZ, TA-301U,
TA-303U, TA-406A, TA-406U, TA-412A, TA-412U, TA-856, TA-857, TA-907, TA-908, TA-955, TA-956, TA-957, TA-958, VMS-2000, WA-22, WA-24, WA-313, WA-520, WA-520C, WA-620,
WA-620C, WA-640, WA-640C, WA-642, WA-641C

Conference System:

CM91A, CM-92A, MX-91A, TS-1000, TS-1100, TS-1200, TS-1300, TS-1500,

Electronic Control Units:

AC-F1, AC-L1


E-111, E-112, E-131, E-2300, EQ-910, EQ-910A, RE-11, RE-12

Microphones (Wired):

DM-23U, DM-030U, DM-100H/L, DM-221L, DM-403, DM-503, DM-521B, DM-521H/L, DM-524B, DM-524S, DM-531H, DM-603, DM-603U, DM-604, DM-604U, DM-605, DM-605U,  DM-703,
DM-803, EM-801, EM-801U, EM-802, EM-4083, GM-304, GM-304S, GM-305, HY1, HY2, HY3, HY4, J1, J2, J3, K1, K2, K3, K4, KY, PM-100, PM-600, PM-600D, PM-600U, RD-10, RD-12, RD-13,
RD-14, RD-15C, RD-16, RD-17E, RD-18, RM-820

Microphones (Wireless):

WD-700, WD-740U, WD-760, WD-770, WM-140, WM-146, WM-210E, WM-240U, WM-270, WM-271, WM-280, WM-281, WM-290, WM-291, WM-300E, WM-340U, WM-358M, WM-370, WM-371, WMA, WMC-1~6, WME, WT-02, WT-06, WT-700, WT-740U, WT-770, WT-780, WT-781, WT-840U, WT-870, WTA, WTU-770, WTU-771, WTU-840U, WTU-870, WTU-871, WU-20


CX1, CX-124, CX-164, D-3, D-4/E, D-5.5, DI-1616, DP-0202, DP-0204, DX-0808, IX-9000, KD-1, KD-2, KD-3, MCX-106, MX-101, MX-104, MX-106, MX-106R, MX-401, MX-601, MX-602, MX-981, RX-5A, RX-5-16A, RX-6, RX-6A, RX-7, RX-7-164, RX-7-248, RX-7-328, RX-31C, RX-208/212/216, RXA-1, RXA-212/216

Multitrack Recording System:

MR-8A, MR-8T

Player Unit:

PAU-01, PAU-02

Sound Processor:

CL-021, D-2400, HNW-500, HNW-800RV-14, NL-021, SAORI, V-141


22-ME, 22-ME-AV, 265-ME, 265-ME-AV, 280-ME, 280-ME-AV, 312-ME, 312-ME-AV, 30-SD, 30-SDM, 38-SD, 38-SDM, 300-SD, 301-SDM, 380-SD, 380-SE, 380-SEM, 381-SDM,
480-SE, BS-20W, CS-31PW, CS-61P, CS-61PW, CS-152PW, CS-302PW, F-150G, F-155G, F-150W, F-155G, F-155WP, F-300G, F-300W, F-500, F-500SR, F-500WP/L, HS-15, HS-212, HS-215, HS-315, PJ-100, PJ-200, RS-10, RS-20, RS-21M, RS-200, RS-200A, RS-300, RS-300A, RS-500, RS-500A, RS-2000, RS-2000A, RS-3000, RS-3000A, SDB, SEB, SLB, SF-30, SF-60,  SL-12,
SL-12M, SL-15, SL-15M,  SL-22, SL-60W, SL-60WH, SL-120, SL-120M, SL-150, SL-150M, SM-25A, SM-25M, SM-60, SM-68, SM-75, SR-F1, SR-F1A, SR-L1, SR-L1A, SR-M1, SR-M2, TC-5K, TC-101, TC-101A, TC-154S, TC-154SM, TC-154ST, TC-201, TC-201U, TC-201V, TC-272, TC-273, TC-301TA, TC-302, TC-304S, TC-304SM, TC-304ST, TC-373, TC-374, TZ-105, TZ-205

Spectrum Analyzer:



TT-104, TT-501Q, TT-502Q,


DT-900, DT-901, DT-910, RT-22, RT-025, SAT-91

VHF Wireless Microphones:

WA-520, WA-620, WM-240U, WM-270, WM-280, WM-290, WM-340U, WT-740, WT-840

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