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Amplifiers are the HEART of sound systems. Our hearts been beating over 80 years to challenge amplification innovations.

TOA lineups a variety of amplifier selections for both low-impedance and high-impedance audio distribution systems. You need analog or digital? Pure power amplifier or packaged mixer/amplifier system? No worries, what you need should be there in the list of TOA solutions.


900 Series Amplifiers

The TOA 900 Series are widely recognized as the industry standard in installed sound system amplification. When reliability and performance are critical – such as in paging and music distribution for airport, hospital, and industrial sound systems – you can count on the TOA 900 Series to perform consistently, day-in and day-out.

900 Series Modules
Plug-in modules with an extensive array of features and connector types

Here are listed a wide range of modules dedicated for TOA's widely-known 900 Series Mixer/Amplifiers.

9000M2 Series Amplifiers
9000M2 Series with Unparalleled Versatility—ideal for multi-zone paging, music distribution and room-combining applications.

The TOA 9000M2 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers redefines the conventional mixer/amplifier category by combining a modular matrix mixer, digital signal processor (DSP) and amplifiers in a compact, two rack space package. The versatile new series is ideal for multi-zone paging, music distribution and room-combining applications. The 9000M2 Series models include dual and single channel amplifiers with high or low impedance outputs plus a matrix mixer-only version.

9000M2 Series Modules
Enhance equipment performance effortlessly by installing convenient plug-in modules.

Explore the diverse and feature rich assortment of modules tailored for TOA's widely recognized 9000 Series Mixer/Amplifiers, all listed here for your convenience.

A-2000 Series Mixer Amplifier
High performance for broadcasting paging or background music at affordable costs.

Multi-purpose, multi-function mixer/power amplifiers specifically designed for maximum versatility and cost-effective high-performance are ideal units for any PA requirement in locations such as schools and offices and other intermediate size environments. A choice of different power outputs are offered as well as functions such as paging and dual zone coverage.

A-800 Series Mixer Amplifiers
The industry leader in background music future-proofed

TOA's new mixer amplifier provides maximum flexibility with up to eight inputs and up to 480 W of power. Browser based control and monitoring from anywhere reduces your time troubleshooting and adjusting systems. Onboard DSP, a sleek new appearance, two available 900 series module slots and TOA's legendary quality and reliability makes this a perfect fit for background and foreground music, paging, and noise masking applications.

BG/BA Series Amplifiers
A new standard of excellence for BGM applications.

The BG/BA Series of mixer/amplifiers have been designed to meet the requirements that users most request. Utilizing TOA’s technological expertise and total reliability in cost-effective amplifier designs with the most useful features and functions has created this amplifier series ideal for paging, music distribution and music-on-hold applications. These advantages along with quick setup and easy installation capability make the BG Series ideal for use in bars, retail sotres and banquet halls.

Car Amplifiers
Suited for general public address applications to be made from cars

TOA mobile amplifiers are sure sources of precision public address sound reinforcement, combining full working versatility with rugged mobility. These mobile amplifiers have a convenient AUX jack for connecting a radio or cassette player. TOA mobile amplifiers are compact DIN size,for easy installation in most vehicles, and they come with accessible front panel controls and a unidirectional dynamic microphone.

MA-725 Matrix Amplifier
Rapid installation and intuitive operation with the most robust quality in the industry.

MA-725F matrix amplifier is a all-in-one solution for multi-channel or multi-zone applications combining a 6x4 audio matrix, DSP and 4ch Class-D amplifier into one chassis. It is equipped with 4 independent line inputs, 2 MIC/LINE priority inputs. Each output has independent DSP preset adjustment with input source matrix selection. It features high power (250Wx4@ 70V/100V) and various inputs capabilities. Its wide range of applications include general or emergency announcement and background music for restaurants, pubs, retail stores, schools, offices, etc.

Micro Amplifiers
A new standard for small plenum use amplifiers.

The AV Series Micro Amplifier introduces a new standard in small amps for plenum use. With ultra-compact size, a flexible inputs & power configuration, and its varied control features, the AV Micro Amplifier Series is an ideal choice for corporate meeting rooms, POS/signage & kiosks or any place where space and placement limitations are a factor.

Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Top-of-the-line operation and performance efficiency.

The DA-Series multi-channel power amplifiers offer a wide choice of power ratings, advanced Class D amplification circuitry and a highly efficient AC mains to output power ratio for the complete technological superiority it takes to support longterm installation applications.  These energy-efficient, space-saving amplifiers are designed to combine high levels of performance and efficiency, and are well-suited to ensure sound reinforcement reliability in a wide range of venues.

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