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Background Music

BGM sound system solutions for all application sizes.


Compact solution examples for small applications

Compact solution for small applications. For restaurant, a discreet and elegant speaker is often the first. For bars, the music is more in the foreground and requires a higher sound pressure level compared to restaurants. 

Mid-sized solution examples for outdoor areas

Medium size solution for areas in hotels or larger outdoor spaces, which requires a higher volume to cover the entire surface. The outdoor areas of this type of places often offer seating or areas to stroll around. The volume levels are usually rather low and it's more about background music.

Large sized solution examples for outdoor areas

Solutions for large outdoor locations, e.g. for pools, or the different outdoor areas of a hotel. It involves covering the exterior surfaces with a sound of sufficient quality and resistant to climatic conditions. The level of music can alternate between background music and foreground music. However, it is important to choose a speaker that covers the largest possible area and the seating around it.  

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