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Government, Office Buildings & Commercial Facilities

Safety, Public Address and integrated audio solution

In today’s challenging times where we have to define a new normal in crowded places, we have to find new ways of communication and interaction with each other as well as of broadcasting of customer centered information.


Audio Solution for office and government buildings

Main challenges in addressing customers and audio solutions in large complex buildings

There is a variety of challenges that you can face when implementing Audio Solutions in large and complex buildings.

Past the architecture of large complex building which poses in itself (modern or old infrastructure with variety of materials, high ceilings and large open spaces) a challenge in terms of acoustic design, here are some examples of challenges you might face with your Audio Solution in large buildings.

Integrated Solution: All-in-one system for PA, safety and excellent sound

Since being founded in 1934 as a manufacturer of commercial and professional audio equipment TOA has grown to be one of the world largest supplier of commercial Public Address equipment that has become synonymous to quality within the industry.

TOA is constantly improving its technological capabilities in areas such as acoustics, graphics and networking, developing innovative products in order to provide its customers with the ultimate sound performance and peace of mind.

Integrated TOA Audio Solutions


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