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Hospital & Welfare Facilities

The specific demands of hospitals and care facilities combined with today’s safety requirements for patients and residents, means that emergency, life-saving safety technology is needed. At the very least, the safety system must be both easy to operate and 100% reliable.


Whether it is a question of bringing existing facilities up to date with state of the art technology or designing new buildings, any plan needs to take individual requirements into account. Different stations and buildings must be flawlessly connected in order to create a security system that protects those who require it.

A further point of consideration when installing security technology is that those who invest in trustworthy equipment, and look for reliable partners, can be sure that the costs of their investments are not only crystal clear and transparent from the outset, but also pay off in the longer-term. After all, durable, high-quality technology is always the right economic choice. With TOA solutions, you can be confident that, once installed, they’ll spend the coming years and decades doing exactly what they were purchased for: ensuring safety.

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