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Public Address

TOA offers public address systems matching perfectly to your business demands, your budget and the size of your project.

TOA is a Specialist in PA Equipment Manufacture. In the early days of 1939, TOA developed the first "TOA Portable Amplifier" combining an amplifier, microphone, speaker and other components in one single unit. In 1954 TOA developed the world's first electric megaphone - a stand-alone PA system - offering clear sound over long distances.


Compact stand-alone PA system - MEGAPHONE

The smallest stand-alone public address system is a megaphone, combining microphone, amplifier, power source and speaker in one single unit.

The world's first electric megaphone was developed by TOA in 1954. Today our megaphones offer stylish designs with powerful outputs for effective communication for various applications in environments as schools, government facilities, factories or sport events. All models incorporate anti-bacterial treatment and include splash-resistant types as well as high-performance shoulder types.

Live Presentations & Workshops – WIRELESS SYSTEMS

Everyone who once joined a seminar knows the importance of gestures and movement of the speaker for the liveliness and quality of the presentation. Not to mention the importance of good voice quality. Both can be achieved using our WM-5000 Wireless Microphone Systems. While handheld microphones may be used in religious processions, bodypacks with headset microphones are best choice for fitness trainers, speaking to an audience while on the move.

When security of information is your main focus, you may chose WM-D5000 series for its digital encryption and enhanced interference immunity.

For both series there are small receivers that feed into the sound system of your choice. You may even install the receivers into transportable, battery-powered loudspeaker systems for maximized mobility!

Small Stationary Installations


The concept of 100 V audio transformation is a proven technology for distributing audio signals to loudspeakers up to several hundreds of meters away from the amplifier. Thus, it makes it the standard for distribution audio in larger buildings, which can be separated into individual zones. 

Choosing loudspeakers highly depends on the rooms you need to sound. For smaller indoor rooms, you may chose BS-678 Box Speakers or PC-1860 ceiling speakers. For outdoor areas, F-2000WTWP would be preferred.

You still need a microphone to pick up your voice for all systems. The EM 380-AM Paging Microphone is a simple solution for most environments. But you can deal with any type of special requirements using matching microphones for rough environments. Or you don’t have to speak at all – using the EV-700 Digital Announcer for timer-controlled pre-recorded messages.

Medium to Large Combined, high-functional installations – VOICE ALARM SYSTEMS

Choosing a Voice Alarm system is a safe bet for all large scale announcements in more than five zones. There also is an appeal for smaller projects, since the system comes with programmable remote microphones, integrated audio player for pre-recorded messages, and amplifiers in one compact device. Additionally, the UL 2572 and UL 864 listed certifications, offer the highest level of security, including a solution for backup in case of power loss.

Our VM-3000 is a low-cost solution for small to medium sized applications as schools, small to medium sized shopping centres, hotels or restaurants with up to 60 zones. The compact design and easy installation enable an intuitive and user-friendly configuration through a dedicated PC-Software.

Flexible System Integrations - SIP ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEMS

In case you have just small broadcast areas that can be covered by a single loudspeaker, then the Active Horn Speaker IP-A1SC15 is the solution. Its integrated amplifier makes it independent from other equipment. Furthermore, audio transmission is performed via network, so you don’t need to supply a separate 100 V cable.

This makes the installation and usage very flexible: Each speaker can be addressed individually. Integration into telephone or video surveillance systems may be performed via the widely accepted SIP protocol, amongst others supported protocols.

You may use our N-SP80 SIP Station for direct announcements.

Wide Area Broadcasts – NETWORK AUDIO SYSTEMS

So, you have a really wide area to control your Public Announcements in? Maybe even connected only over the internet? Then you need the NX-300 Network Audio Adapter. It combines different, local PA substations in a simple-to-use setup. Controlled by PC or automated over contact interface, you can send audio as well as control messages to your far away dependencies. The customizable, user-friendly GUI allows full software control and monitoring of system status.


For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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