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Discreet background music, intelligible announcements, easy handling. Sounds good.

In many ways, the right acoustics are an important factor in creating a unique atmosphere in shops. After all, music – like light, architecture and interior design – creates a distinctive environment where you can perfectly present your products and make your customers feel good. 

The atmosphere created by music can significantly increase browsing time and the frequency of customer visits. Furthermore, studies have shown that music has a very positive effect on buying behaviour. Whatever audience you are targeting, the transmission quality and individual choice of background music is key to the success of any restaurant or shop design.

And at TOA it’s about much more than music. Our sound systems also ensure that announcements are crystal clear. Whether you’re informing your customers about irresistible offers or calling staff – we offer a range of solutions for restaurants and retail. We work together with you to find a sound concept perfectly tailored to your needs. Does your restaurant, bar or shop need sound? We can help!



Background Music / Paging - Boutique

A harmonious atmosphere in your shop allows you to present your products in the best possible way. Your products and the environment must be finely tuned to each other. Besides the visual aspects, sound is a key aspect of any shopping experience in your boutique. 

solution for boutiques


Background Music - Cafe/Bar

In smaller restaurants it is important that the level of the background music is nothing more than perceptible ambience and is not too dominant, otherwise a pleasant atmosphere will be difficult to achieve. Music is like salt in the soup: you shouldn’t be able to taste it, but you’d notice if it wasn’t there.

solution for restaurants and bars



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