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"What makes a good airport sound systems?"

Airport announcements are an indispensable service to help airline passengers and anyone who meets or sees off passengers to accomplish their objectives. Airports are divided into areas for each process in the flow of arriving and departing passengers, and announcements should be distributed to the appropriate areas according to each purpose. In a well-designed system, paging zones are setup for each area. Microphones with zone selection are properly placed and programmed of priority function to precede others in case of emergency or superiority. Backup power sources, drives emergency announcements during power failures, and pre-recorded evacuation instructions can be automatically broadcast in coordination with fire alarm systems.

The main purpose of sound system at airport is to broadcast proper messages clearly to the people who need information. The sound system design needs acoustical approach as well as functional configuration. For the optimum intelligibility of announcement, the sound level of broadcasting needs to be 6 to 10 dB higher than ambient noise and the direct sound should be much louder than the reflection. However, actual airports are filled with ambient noise, echo and long reverberation, consequently announcements are prone to be unclear. In those areas the speakers must be appropriately selected and located according to the architecture and ambient noise. Line array speaker helps reducing echo and reverberation. Ambient noise controller is a convenient tool to automatically adjust the suitable announce level according to fluctuating ambient noise. In addition, TOA’ s sound simulation software, available free of charge, makes speaker selection and configuration super-easy.


General Announcement

Includes paging and general instructions for airport users, and is broadcast to specific areas or to all areas from a microphone at the information desk or operation center. Background music is often distributed to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Departure Announcement

Is made for departing passengers to give flight information such as carrier name, flight number, destination, departure time and boarding gate. This announcement gets passengers moving smoothly from check-in to boarding. The main announcement areas are the Departure Hall, Concession and Final Boarding Area.

Final Boarding Announcement

Is broadcast to passengers who have checked in and on standby. Boarding time, gate number, boarding order, and other instructions are announced only for the Boarding Area through a local microphone at the gate.

Arrival Announcement

Is made for the airport visitors coming to meet arriving passengers. It is mainly placed in the Arrival Hall and it informs of the estimated arrival time and gate. Local announcement in the Baggage Claim tells arriving passengers where to pick up their baggage.

Emergency Announcement

Is made in case of fire or other emergencies. The announcement overrides other announcements and is broadcast at maximum volume. If necessary, automated evacuation announcement is activated in coordination with fire alarm or other warning systems.


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