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Schools & Educational Facilities

A safe, fear-free environment is required to allow unconstrained learning.

Schools must be safe. From classroom to auditorium, from the gym to the secretary’s office. They need to be safe both on ordinary school days and in emergencies. The use of communication systems in the security concept plays a key role in this regard, as these systems aid in and significantly accelerate both comprehension and crisis management procedures.


The combination of intercom and voice alarm provides maximum safety

Solution for small sized educational institutions

If you want a simple PA System to relay messages to the whole school and regulate school time our VM-3000 System might be the right scale for you. Connected to a digital timer the gong will ring at the appropriate times in up to 6 different zones, while public announcements are easily made too.

Solution for medium to large sized educational institutions

The N-8000 Series is easily integrated and allows for more versatility using the LAN, WAN or IP Network. Applications range from conversation, paging broadcasting and BGM broadcasting to emergency paging and broadcasting, audio triggering and other security functions.

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