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Conference Systems

Clearing of throats, heckling, clanking bottles – yet still manage the debate confidently and authoritatively.

An important speech is only as good as the technology that transmits it reliably and clearly. During parliamentary debates, multi-lingual meetings, bug-proof company conferences or conference calls – everyone wants to be heard and above all clearly understood. TOA conference systems leave nothing to be desired.


Audio Collaboration System
High quality audio system for web conferencing

The AM-CF1 is an audio collaboration system that will change your perception of web conferences. Designed to provide you the most comfortable and natural web conferencing audio experience.

TS-820 Infrared Wireless Conference System
Professional Wireless System

Installation made easier than ever thanks to infrared system coupled with clear sound amplification. Wireless conference system provides flexible adaptation to diverse styles of conference.

TS-910 Infrared Wireless Conference System
Stand-alone TOA conference systems

TOA began developing conference systems in 1978. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealthof experience and achievements that have earned our company an excellent reputation for providing highly reliable systems that are easy to use. At TOA, we will continue to of fer a full product lineup to suppor t the smooth management of conferences.

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