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The issue of security is more than ever important. Our ­voice alarm and IP audio systems are reliable and energy-saving combining all important functions for PA/VA in one unit frame. Consistently, TOA has continued to strengthen its role as an innovative leader in voice alarm and redefined the standards of technical improvement. 


VM-3000 Series

TOA’s VM-3000 is a cost-effective integrated public address and voice alarm system designed for easy operation and configuration. The compact design with integrated end-user control enables the system to fit best in various small to medium sized applications such as department stores, schools, or office buildings.

Cost-effective: Focused on the essential
VM-3000 offers basic paging options, music routing and emergency controls that will match most of your small to medium sized projects. Besides, a focus on the essential makes VM-3000 easy to configure and ideal for beginners in the world of Voice Alarm Systems.

Easy operation: by integrated end-user control
VM-3000 is easy to operate due to integrated LC Display as well as volume and sound controls. This allows the end User to manage music routing and other functions directly at the device. With integrated microphone and emergency controls, you can use all functions of VA/PA without any external equipment needed.

Low Noise: by traditional amplifier technology
No need to hide functionalities of VM-3000 in a dark technical room! With traditional amplifier technology VM-3000 ensures low-Noise operation even on full load. This makes it possible to integrate the system directly into workspaces as Secretariats or Janitor's Offices. Proven technology ensures robust components and longest lifetime.

IP-A1 Series

TOA’s IP-A1 Series consists of a variety of commercial-grade IP audio endpoints, which can be used as an independent audio system or a fully integrated audio communication system to be configured and operated in conjunction with external systems and platforms such as security video monitoring, access control, digital signage or fire alarm systems.

IP-A1 series IP endpoints adopt common industrial standard protocols for its audio communications and controls, which helps to establish fully integrated systems by communicating not only between IP-A1 series devices but also with external devices and platforms such as SIP phone, security VMS (Video Management Software), Access Control or Sensing systems. Adding an endpoint or group of endpoints into a commercial communication system brings it to the next level for being capable of flexible audio communications over the network.

Server-less & Scalable:
IP-A1 series does not require a dedicated server for its operation in standalone mode, so that the system budget can be minimized. The simplest PA system can be established by a single endpoint device such as IP Horn Speaker, while a building wide or even community wide audio communication system can also be configured with a large number of endpoints designed in different forms.

IP Setting Tool Software:
All IP-A1 series endpoint devices within the same network can be discovered and displayed as a list. The configuration file can be downloaded/uploaded. Firmware can be updated, and basic network settings can be configured on single device or multiple devices.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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