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Repair Information

Before submitting a repair, you might find a solution in our FAQ page.




-For Warranty Service

Please contact our Support team at 800-733-4748
If repair or replacement is indicated, we will issue an RMA number

-All warranty repair work is done at our Authorized Service Center

Midwest Audio
774 W. Algonquin Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

(847) 640-1890
[email protected]

Midwest Audio will not accept Warranty Repairs without an RMA from TOA Electronics
For other inquiries, please contact your TOA Representative or call our Customer Service Department.





Warranty - Replacement parts are covered by a 90 Day replacement warranty if it is determined that the part failed due to a manufacturing defect. Replacement parts can not be returned for credit, refund or exchange.


If you have the TOA Part Number, please contact below:

TOA Customer Service
(800) 733-7088
8am - 6pm EST
Monday - Friday (Except Holidays)

Parts can be ordered via credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or via an established TOA account*. (*A hard copy of your purchase order is required to place an order on a TOA account. Fax your purchase order to (800) 733-9766 or email to [email protected])

 If you DO NOT have the TOA Part Number, please contact below:

TOA Technical Service
(800) 733-4748 "Option 2"
8am - 6pm EST
Monday - Friday (Except Holidays)

You may also e-mail us at [email protected]. An agent will assist you with determining the TOA Part number.


Limited parts and repair services are AVAILABLE on the following discontinued products:

Available parts

A-901A, A-903A,A-906A, A-912A, P-906A, P-912A, P-924A
M-1212E, M-1264
VHF Wireless Microphones
WA-641, WA-641C, WD-770, WM-270, WM-280, WM-290, WM-370, WP-760, WP-860, WT-770, WT-780, WTU-770, WTU-870 


Replacement parts, repair services and product support are NO LONGER AVAILABLE for the following discontinued products:

Unavailable parts

A-901, A-903, A-906, A-912, BG-10, CA-10, CA-20, CA-40, CA-60, CA-120, CA-240, KD-1, KD-2, KD-3, M-900, M-2200, M-2200, MA-220, MA-220W, MA-230, MA-240, P-75D, P-150D, P-150M, P-300D, P-300M, P-906, P-912, P-924, P-1030D, P-1060D, P-1090D, P-2062, P-2120, P-2122, P-2240, P-2612, PA-22, PA-031, TA-30RZ, TA-60RZ, TA-101, TA-110A, TA-120RZ, TA-301U,TA-303U, TA-406A, TA-406U, TA-412A, TA-412U, TA-856, TA-857, TA-907, TA-908, TA-955, TA-956, TA-957, TA-958, VMS-2000, WA-22, WA-24, WA-313, WA-520, WA-520C, WA-620,WA-620C, WA-640, WA-640C, WA-642, WA-641C
Conference System
CM91A, CM-92A, MX-91A, TS-1000, TS-1100, TS-1200, TS-1300, TS-1500
Electronic Control Units
AC-F1, AC-L1
E-111, E-112, E-131, E-2300, EQ-910, EQ-910A, RE-11, RE-12
Microphones (Wired)
DM-23U, DM-030U, DM-100H/L, DM-221L, DM-403, DM-503, DM-521B, DM-521H/L, DM-524B, DM-524S, DM-531H, DM-603, DM-603U, DM-604, DM-604U, DM-605, DM-605U,  DM-703,
DM-803, EM-801, EM-801U, EM-802, EM-4083, GM-304, GM-304S, GM-305, HY1, HY2, HY3, HY4, J1, J2, J3, K1, K2, K3, K4, KY, PM-100, PM-600, PM-600D, PM-600U, RD-10, RD-12, RD-13,
RD-14, RD-15C, RD-16, RD-17E, RD-18, RM-820
Microphones (Wireless)

WD-700, WD-740U, WD-760, WD-770, WM-140, WM-146, WM-210E, WM-240U, WM-270, WM-271, WM-280, WM-281, WM-290, WM-291, WM-300E, WM-340U, WM-358M, WM-370, WM-371, WMA, WMC-1~6, WME, WT-02, WT-06, WT-700, WT-740U, WT-770, WT-780, WT-781, WT-840U, WT-870, WTA, WTU-770, WTU-771, WTU-840U, WTU-870, WTU-871, WU-20

CX1, CX-124, CX-164, D-3, D-4/E, D-5.5, DI-1616, DP-0202, DP-0204, DX-0808, IX-9000, KD-1, KD-2, KD-3, MCX-106, MX-101, MX-104, MX-106, MX-106R, MX-401, MX-601, MX-602, MX-981, RX-5A, RX-5-16A, RX-6, RX-6A, RX-7, RX-7-164, RX-7-248, RX-7-328, RX-31C, RX-208/212/216, RXA-1, RXA-212/216
Multitrack Recording System
MR-8A, MR-8T
Player Unit
PAU-01, PAU-02
Sound Processor
CL-021, D-2400, HNW-500, HNW-800RV-14, NL-021, SAORI, V-141
22-ME, 22-ME-AV, 265-ME, 265-ME-AV, 280-ME, 280-ME-AV, 312-ME, 312-ME-AV, 30-SD, 30-SDM, 38-SD, 38-SDM, 300-SD, 301-SDM, 380-SD, 380-SE, 380-SEM, 381-SDM,
480-SE, BS-20W, CS-31PW, CS-61P, CS-61PW, CS-152PW, CS-302PW, F-150G, F-155G, F-150W, F-155G, F-155WP, F-300G, F-300W, F-500, F-500SR, F-500WP/L, HS-15, HS-212, HS-215, HS-315, PJ-100, PJ-200, RS-10, RS-20, RS-21M, RS-200, RS-200A, RS-300, RS-300A, RS-500, RS-500A, RS-2000, RS-2000A, RS-3000, RS-3000A, SDB, SEB, SLB, SF-30, SF-60,  SL-12,
SL-12M, SL-15, SL-15M,  SL-22, SL-60W, SL-60WH, SL-120, SL-120M, SL-150, SL-150M, SM-25A, SM-25M, SM-60, SM-68, SM-75, SR-F1, SR-F1A, SR-L1, SR-L1A, SR-M1, SR-M2, TC-5K, TC-101, TC-101A, TC-154S, TC-154SM, TC-154ST, TC-201, TC-201U, TC-201V, TC-272, TC-273, TC-301TA, TC-302, TC-304S, TC-304SM, TC-304ST, TC-373, TC-374, TZ-105, TZ-205
Spectrum Analyzer
TT-104, TT-501Q, TT-502Q
DT-900, DT-901, DT-910, RT-22, RT-025, SAT-91
VHF Wireless Microphones
WA-520, WA-620, WM-240U, WM-270, WM-280, WM-290, WM-340U, WT-740, WT-840

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