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Hospital and Welfare Facilities

Prego Park House is situated in an area blessed with abundant natural beauty that changes every season. This urban welfare facility for the old and infirm features a day service center and caregiver stations, and is also equipped with facilities that provide residents with richer and more comfortable lives, such as common areas with floor heating and Jacuzzi baths. TOA installed Prego Park House's emergency PA system.


VM-3000 Series
VM-3000 Series
Cost-effective system for small to medium sized applications.
The VM-3000 is a cost-effective integrated public address and voice alarm system. It is designed to fulfil the EN 54 European regulation for voice alarm and also engineered with powerful digital signal processor (DSP), ensuring high quality audio broadcasting for proper speech intelligibility. The compact design enables the system to fit best in various small to medium sized applications such as schools, shopping centres or restaurants.

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