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Kmart Blue-Light Special floating Kiosks - USA

Commercial Facilities

In a retail environment, it's really easy to have equipment tampered with because a lot of people are coming and going all around it. One nice benefit of the TOA BG series is that the volume control is in the rear of the unit, so it makes it harder to tamper with, unless you've been specifically told how to do so.


BG/BA Series Amplifiers
BG/BA Series Amplifiers
A new standard of excellence for BGM applications.
The BG/BA Series of mixer/amplifiers have been designed to meet the requirements that users most request. Utilizing TOA’s technological expertise and total reliability in cost-effective amplifier designs with the most useful features and functions has created this amplifier series ideal for paging, music distribution and music-on-hold applications. These advantages along with quick setup and easy installation capability make the BG Series ideal for use in bars, retail sotres and banquet halls.

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