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St. Dominic's Rehabilitation Outpatient Center - North, Jackson, MS, USA

Hospital and Welfare Facilities

A local systems intergrator outfits the new St. Dominic's Rehabilitation Outpaitent Center North in Jackson, Miss., with an internal IP-based intercom system that allows personnel to communicate without the use of handsets. The installation highlights the growing opportunity for capturing new revenue in the heath-care industry.


N-8000 Series IP Intercom System
N-8000 Series IP Intercom System
A versatile, highly reliable IP intercom system designed to meet user needs for flexible, cost-effective configuration and operation.
TOA’s unique N-8000 IP Intercom System is an integrated audio communication system that employs packet audio technology over the IP network to achieve fast, accurate communications with optimal security and reliability. Applications range from conversation, paging broadcasting and BGM broadcasting to emergency paging and broadcasting, audio triggering and other security functions. Users can select between two communication modes according to their needs: Master-to-Master station communication for duplex conversation at factories, hospitals and various other facilities; or Master-to-Sub station communication for use by institutions such as schools or correctional facilities.

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