Digital Matrix Mixer 2x 60W @ 70V

Digital Matrix Mixer 2x 60W @ 70V

Digital Matrix Mixer 2x 60W @ 70V

A-9060DHM2 CU

The A-9060DHM2 CU Amplifier is designed to be used in conjunction with optional modules and can be confiugured for up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs. 9000 series modules as well as existing 900 series input modules can be used. The more appropriate modules can be selected depending on applications. Since it comes with two 60W power amplifiers, it can individually perform multi-origin braodcasts. It is equipped with singnal processing and control functions necessary for sound reinforcement, permitting all parameters to be set at the mixer. Settings data can be stored inside the unit and called up using the keys on the front panel.

The A-9060DHM2 CU has partnered with Key Digital as a Compass Alliance Partner for use with their control system.

UL certification

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BGM with Paging Scene Changes Application
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  • Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers for a multitude of applications including audio-visual, zone paging, room combining and many more
  • Easy to Configure and Operate
  • Exceptional Audio Quality
    • 24-bit, 48 kHz sampling
    • Ultra-Low Distortion - 0.0008%
    • Minimum Latency - 1.1ms (D-001T input to output)
  • Modular Mixer - up to 8 mic/line inputs and 8 outputs
  • Dual Channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP):
    • 10-Band Parametric EQ
    • High and Low Pass Filters
    • Compressor
    • Loudness Contour
    • Bass and Treble
    • Delay (MIXER mode)
    • 34 TOA Speaker EQ Presets
  • Single or Dual Channel Power Amplifiers 70.7 V, 25 V and low impedance models
  • Flexible Output Power - dual channel models allow 50% of either amplifier channel to be allocated to the other channel (Ex. A-9060DHM2: CH1:90W, CH2:30W)
  • Telephone Zone Paging - access up to eight zones with optional ZP-001T module
  • Flexible, integrated, operating system (Mixer + Paging Matrix)
    • Mixer functions along with simultaneous Priority Paging Matrix activation, each with 32 presets
    • Scene memory (x32) contains all mixer (non-priority) settings
    • Paging memory (x32) contains global (static) input settings, independent Xpoint assignments, paging trigger & paging output levels for all high priority (1, 2 & 3) inputs.
    • Both scene & paging memories are stored in a single template along with remote assignments, security lock and other global functions
    • Mixer & Paging functions are independent and mixer (scene) settings will not affect Paging (event) functions.
  • Rack-mount Kit Included
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Accessories

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