PC-580RU Ceiling Mount Speaker (UL1480UUMW Rated)

PC-580RU Ceiling Mount Speaker (UL1480UUMW Rated)

PC-580RU Ceiling Mount Speaker (UL1480UUMW Rated)


The PC-580RU is designed to fill the need for a high-performance, cost effective ceiling speaker for use in Mass Notification Systems, Voice Evacuation, Emergency Paging, and everyday Paging and Background Music requirements. The PC-580RU speaker meets ULC S541, UL 1480 UUMW (Fire Alarm Signaling) and UL 2043 (use in air handling spaces) standards when using the HY-BC580U Back Can.

The PC-580RU & PC-580RVU are designed to fill the need for a high-performance / low-cost  ceiling speaker for paging and notification applications, especially  where retrofit of speakers in large facilities dictate that a common  speaker template is used, eliminating the need for adapting existing ceiling cutouts. The PC-580RU & PC-580RVU (along with the HY-BC580U  Back can) meet UL requirements for speakers used in emergency signaling  and notification applications.

SPV Software and EASE Data

UL certification

Airport Application
Revit Files

Rated Input 10W (speaker), 5 W (transformer, 70.7 V line and 25 V line)
Rated Impedance

70.7 V line: 20 K (0.25 W), 10K (0.5W), 5K (1 W), 2.5 K (2 W), 1 K (5 W) Ohms
25 V line: 2.5 K (0.25 W), 1.25 K (0.5 W), 625 (1 W), 312.5 (2 W), 125 (5 W) Ohms

Sensitivity 97 dB (1 W, 1 m)
Frequency Response 50 - 16.5 KHz
Speaker Component 200 mm (8”) dual cone type
Magnet Size Dia. 80 (3.15”) x dia. 32 (1.26”) x 12 (0.47”) mm
Magnet Weight 272g (10 oz)
Flux Density 11,900 gauss
Dimensions of Fixing Hole Dia. 203.2 mm (8.00”)
Finish Baffle: Steel plate, white
Grille: Surface-treated steel plate net, white
Dimensions Dia. 324 x 87.3 (d) mm
Weight 1.50 kg (3.31 lbs)
Accessory Mounting screw (M 5 x 38 mm) x 4; Speaker pass through terminal strip
UL Standards ULC S541, UL 1480 UUMW and UL 2043 when used with HY-BC580U
Option Back can (for UL/ULC certified installation): HY-BC580U
Tile bridge, mounting channel: Q-HY-TB2

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