Pendant Speaker (UL1480UUMW rated) - 30W

Pendant Speaker (UL1480UUMW rated) - 30W

Pendant Speaker (UL1480UUMW rated) - 30W


The PE-304BU is an ABS resin bass-reflex enclosure with a 12cm (5") cone-type woofer and a balanced-dome tweeter. These pendant speakers are intended to be installed suspended from a ceiling. They are very lightweight, with a stylish design inspired by modern lighting fixtures, allowing them to harmoniously blend in with a room design. These speakers are ideally suited for applications such as Background Music (BGM) and announcements in high-ceiling venues such as airports, factories and shopping malls, and, in addition, certification to UL 1480 UUMW (Mass Notification System) and ULC-S541 standards enables them to work in emergency announcement systems. The speakers can be driven on both high-impedance (100V, 70V and 25V) and low-impedance (8) lines. Input impedance is adjustable with a rotary switch on the top of the speaker. The hanging wire, safety wire and speaker cable are pre-attached, for quick and easy installation. GRIPPLE® hangers facilitate speaker mounting height adjustment.

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UL certification

Gripple Manufacturer's recommendations

Enclosure Bass-reflex type
Rated Input 30 W (100 V, 70 V line, 8 Ω), 3.7 W (25 V line)
Rated Impedance

100 V line: 330 Ω (30 W), 1 kΩ (10 W), 3.3 kΩ (3 W), 10 kΩ (1 W)
70 V line: 170 Ω (30 W), 330 Ω (15 W), 1 kΩ (5 W), 3.3 kΩ (1.5 W), 10 kΩ (0.5 W)
25 V line: 170 Ω (3.7 W), 330 Ω (1.9 W), 1 kΩ (0.6 W), 3.3 kΩ (0.2 W), 10 kΩ (0.1 W)
Low: 8 Ω

Sensitivity 90 dB (1 W, 1 m) (330 - 3.3 kHz, pink noise)
Frequency Response 95 Hz - 20 kHz (peak -10 dB)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Speaker Component 12 cm (5") cone-type + balanced dome-tweeter (coaxial)
UL Code UL1480 UUMW, ULC-S541
Finish Enclosure: ABS resin, black
Grille: Surface-treated steel plate mesh, black, paint
Dimensions φ186 × 275 (H) mm (φ7.32" × 10.83") (unit only)
Weight 2 kg (4.41 lb) (unit only)

GRIPPLE® No.1 x 1, GRIPPLE® No.2 x 1, Release key (for GRIPPLE®) x 1,
Safety wire (φ1.5 mm (φ0.06")) x 1, Hanging wire (φ2 mm (φ0.08")) x 1,
Speaker cable (4-core FPL listed cable 4.6 m (15.09 ft)) x 1

✺ GRIPPLE® No.1  and No.2 are hangers for suspending the speaker.


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