Long Range Slim Array Speaker

Long Range Slim Array Speaker

Long Range Slim Array Speaker


The TOA Long Range Slim Array Speaker is composed of multiple horn speakers positioned in an array. It features long-range sound coverage, further than that of multiple conventional horn speakers grouped together. Narrowly focused vertical directivity allows high volumes to be controlled at closer proximity. The HA-1010-AMQ speaker array provides a dispersion pattern of 90° horizontally x 15° vertically.

This directivity high-frequency array horn speaker provides two 70V taps of 30 and 60 watts, allowing for proper power sizing in almost any application. Best used for Mass Notification and Voice Message announcements in various outdoor areas, including: parking lots, parks & recreation areas, hotels & resorts, sports arenas, military facilities, and transportation terminals. 




Rated Input

60W @ 70V LINE

Rated Impedance

83 Ω (60W), 170 Ω (30W) : 70V, 170 Ω (60W) : 100V

Sound Pressure Level

114 dB (1W, 1m)

Maximum Sound Pressure Level

132 dB (60W, 1m)

Frequency Response

350Hz - 7kHz

Directivity Angle

Horizontal 90O (2kHz), Vertical: 15O (2kHz)

Speaker Componant

Horn speaker unit x 8

Operating Temperature

-4OF to +131OF (-20OC to +55OF)

Water Protection




Case, Panel: Aluminum, salt-resistant, paint, grey Front grille: Aluminum, black

Bracket: Stainless steel (SUS 304), paint, grey


6.57" (w) x 48.54" (h) x 5.53" (d) [167 x 1233 x 140.5 mm]


29.76lb (13.5kg)

Accessories Supplied

Installation nut (M10)... 4, Washer (M10)... 8, Spring Washer (M10)... 4, Mounting

Bracket... 2, Bolt M8 x 20... 2 Washer (M8)... 4, Spring Washer (M8)... 2

Note: A drain hole is provided on the speaker cable side of the cabinet. Make sure that its speaker cable side faces down. The speaker
must be installed upright or facing down. Installing the speaker in any other position may render the drain
hole ineffective, eventually
leading to an electrical failure or other damage.


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