Remote Microphone

Remote Microphone

Remote Microphone


Up to four remote microphones can be connected to the RM-200M Remote Microphone but the maximum connection length for all cables is approximately 800 meters. An external microphone input terminal is provided to allow using a headset microphone, along with built-in internal compressor circuitry to ensure broadcasts are always clear and distortion-free. The TALK button may be a PTT or lock-type, which also provides an "AUTO MIC Off" capability to automatically switch off the microphone if the TALK switch is inadvertently left on. The emergency activation button is equipped with a cover in case of accidental selection.

Airport Application
VM-3000 TOA-Mass_Notification_Systems_Cookbook
VM-3240 Setting Software Instructions

The VM-3000 Series UL 2572 and UL 864 listed, is ideal for small and medium-sized applications. It incorporates such emergency functions as continuous speaker line monitoring and a built-in voice alarm. This easy-to-install system also offers PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions that ensure consistently high intelligibility. The VM-3000 Series is digitally audio processed and controlled, and may be set up and operated directly by using the controls and LCD display on the front panel. A dedicated PC software configuration capability is also provided for establishing settings via LAN. The incorporation of wide-ranging functional capabilities, superb reliability and versatility make the VM-3000 a highly cost-effective emergency broadcast system.

The setting software version is 3.0(update:2015/04/02). 
The firmware version is 3.00(update:2015/05/08).

Power Source 24 V DC (Operating range: 14 - 28 V DC)
Power input jack: Non-polarity type
Usable power input plug(*2): Outer diameter φ5.5 mm
φ2.1 mm
Current Consumption 100 mA or less
Audio Output 0 dB(*1)
Distortion 1% or less
Frequency Response 100 - 20
S/N Ratio 60 dB or more
Microphone Unidirectional electret condenser microphone
No. of Function Keys 13
Emergency Broadcast(*3) Activation of Emergency Broadcast (pre-recorded announcement or live
microphone announcement) by Emergency Broadcast Switch
Volume Control Microphone volume control
Connection Cable and Connector Category 5 STP cable
Finish ABS resin
Dimensions 190 (W) × 76.5 (H) × 215 (D) mm (Gooseneck microphone excluded)
Weight 750 g
Accessory Link cable (3 m) ……1
Option Wall mounting bracket: WB-RM200
(*2) Use the AC adapter AD-246 or equivalent.


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