Rigging Frame Weather Proof

Rigging Frame Weather Proof

Rigging Frame Weather Proof


The SR-RF12WP Rigging frame is used for flying the SR-A12LWP, SR-A12SWP Line array speakers.

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  • Designed for wide bandwidth response - These compact and powerful 2-way modular speaker units can be used in multiple configurations as required to deliver greater output power with a more extended frequency response.
  • High-performance driver units - Each Type A Series speaker module contains a 30cm (12") low frequency unit and a high-frequency horn attached to two compression drivers for greater output.
  • Wavefront control - The horn incorporates a proprietary phase wavefront control throat that functions to obtain the best possible performance from the high frequency drivers.
  • Adjustable sound coverage - Type A Series provides two speaker configurations designed for specific coverage characteristics, each having a different taper. The 5-degree taper is for effectively transmitting sound over distance while the 15-degree taper is optimized for excellent short range coverage.
  • Simple maintenance - Maintenance and servicing are made easier on the Type A Series to suit it for permanent installations. All driver replacement is possible from the speaker's rear, a simple and speedy procedure.
Number of Speakers to be Mounted Flying: Max. 8
Finish Stainless steel
Dimensions 728 (W) × 164 (H) × 800 (D) mm (excluding bolt)
Weight 22 kg (including accessories)
Accessory Plate mounting bolt (M10) …12

Designed by the engineering team responsible for TOA's highly acclaimed "Z-Drive" processed speaker systems, the SR-A Series Mid-Size Line Arrays feature TOA's proprietary "Sync-Drive" horn technology (pat. pending) to provide a uniform, high frequency sound field offering excellent sound clarity and minimal interference. Mid-high modules include the SR-A12L (long-throw) and the SR-A12S (short-throw) each with dual compression drivers and 12" low frequency driver. The SR-A18 subwoofer module features a heavy duty 18" low frequency driver rated at 720 Watts continuous power handling. Along with weather resistant models and multiple mounting hardware options, the SR-A Series Line Arrays are backed with a five year product warranty.

Models available: SR-A12L, SR-A12LWP (weather proof), SR-A12S, SR-A12SWP (weather proof)

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