Reflex Horn Speaker

Reflex Horn Speaker

Reflex Horn Speaker


TOA's TC-651M Reflex Horn Speaker, rated at 50W, are designed for outdoor paging applications in houses of worship, factories, schools and more.

The speaker features newly developed diaphragms employing special heat-resistant polyimide film to prevent the diaphragm from absorbing moisture and changing shape, as well as to improve the low frequency characteristics.

TC-651M has been proved to provide more than 100 hours of operation at 50 W in continuous load test employing test signal that meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). High speaker efficiency has also been realized by minimizing the gap produced when the diaphragm bobbin is installed in the magnetic circuitry slit.

TC-651M is designed to ensure high speech clarity and sound quality suitable for music reproduction. External hardware (screws, bolts, nuts) are made of stainless steel, and the mounting bracket and the horn itself are treated with 50-micron thick powder paint coating. All of these factors combine to ensure the speaker's excellent weatherproofing and corrosion resistance. In addition, the external horn flare is made of aluminum that is more shock-resistant than resin.

TC-651M is equipped with an input impedance selector switch (3 steps for 100V line, and 4 steps for 70V line) which facilitates the ease of impedance settings without requiring disassembly. The switch is also equipped with an OFF position to prevent speaker damage resulting from incorrect impedance setting.


• Compact and high power horn speaker.
• High durability, high heat-resistance and improved low frequency sound thanks to polyimide diaphragm.
• More than 100 hours of operation at 50 W in continuous load test employing test signal that meets IEC 60268-1: 1985 standard.
• Stainless steel hardware (screws, bolts, nuts), and powder-coated horn and bracket for weatherproofing and corrosion-resistance.
• Shock-resistant aluminum round horn.
• Compliance with IP65.
• Easy impedance matching with panel-mounted input impedance selector.
• Wide temperature range: -20ÅãC to 60ÅãC (-4ÅãF to 140ÅãF).

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