Extension Amplifier

Extension Amplifier

Extension Amplifier

VM-3240E AMQ

 TheVM-3240E is Microprocessor-controlled extension amplifiers for VM-3240VA.  6 switchable and adjustable volume speaker outputs with a total of 240 Watt nominal power output. Audio input for local transmission with choice of outputs over inputs. 8 universally usable inputs and 8 universally usable control outputs; 6 separate inputs for alarm control of the BMZ with switchable monitoring, one with 24-volt control (polarity); three separate status outputs with relay contacts for feedback to the BMZ: collective fault signal (changeover contact), emergency activated (changeover contact) and CPU from (normally open). Each line output a switching relay for example external volume control in 3- and 4-wire technology.



UL certification

VM-3000 TOA-Mass_Notification_Systems_Cookbook
VM-3000 Airport Application
VM-3240 Setting Software Instructions

  The VM-3000 Series UL 2572 and UL 864 listed, is ideal for small and medium-sized applications. It incorporates such emergency functions as continuous speaker line monitoring and a built-in voice alarm. This easy-to-install system also offers PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions that ensure consistently high intelligibility. The VM-3000 Series is digitally audio processed and controlled, and may be set up and operated directly by using the controls and LCD display on the front panel. A dedicated PC software configuration capability is also provided for establishing settings via LAN. The incorporation of wide-ranging functional capabilities, superb reliability and versatility make the VM-3000 a highly cost-effective emergency broadcast system.

The setting software version is 2.0
The firmware version is 2.74
Power Source 120 V AC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 690 VA (at rated output), 260 W (According to UL60065), 63 W (at no signal)
Rated Output

240 W, 21 Ω (according to UL60065)
200 W, 25 Ω (according to UL2572)
200 W, 25 Ω (according to CAN/ULC-S576 with separate UPS)
100 W, 50 Ω (according to CAN/ULC-S576)
(All total of Speaker output 1 – 6 and Direct Output)

Frequency Response 50 Hz – 20 kHz, ±3 dB (at 1/3 rated output), 800 Hz – 2.8 kHz (according to UL2572); 400 Hz – 4 kHz (according to CAN/ULC-S576)
Distortion Under 0.7% (at rated output, 1 kHz)
S/N Ratio Over 85 dB
Input External amplifier Input: 70 V line, removable terminal block (14 pins)
Local Input: –50 dB* (MIC) / –10 dB* (LINE) (changeable), 600 Ω, electronically balanced, removable terminal block (14 pins)
Output Speaker output 1 – 2: Max. (240 W) per output
Speaker output 3 – 6: Max. (100 W) per output
Speaker output 2 – 6: Total within rated output, removable terminal block (14 pins)
Allowable minimum load: 245 Ω (20 W) at 70 V line for speaker line failure detection
Direct output: Direct output from internal or external amplifier, removable terminal block (16 pins)
VM Link Input: Connecting the VM-3240VA AMQ; RJ45 female connector
Output: Connecting the VM-3240E AMQ; RJ45 female connector
Link cable: Category 5 Shielded Twisted-Pair straight cable (CAT5-STP)
General Control Input 1 – 8: No-Voltage make contact input, open voltage: 24 V DC, short-circuit current: 2 mA or less, removable terminal block (14 pins)
Output 1 – 8: Isolated open collector output, withstand voltage: 30 V DC,operating current: 10 mA or less, removable terminal block (14 pins)
Emergency Control Input 1 – 5: No-Voltage make contact input, open voltage: 24 V DC, short-circuit current: 2 mA or less, RJ45 female connector
Input 6: Isolated voltage input, Inactive: –24 V±20%, Active: +24 V±20%, RJ45 female connector
Status out: Relay contact output, withstand voltage: 40 V DC, operating current: 2 – 300 mA, RJ45 female connector
Power Input/Output Power in: Connecting the VX-2000DS AMQ only (operating range: 20 – 40 V DC);
PS out: 28 V DC / 18 A;
M4 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 11 mm
22 V DC Output 22 V DC Special Applicaiton, Maximum feeding current 0.3 A (for RM-200M only)
DS Link Connecting the VX-2000DS, RJ45 female connector;
Link cable: Category 5 Shielded Twisted-Pair straight cable (CAT5-STP)
Finish Panel: Aluminum, hair-line, black; Case: Surface-treated steel plate, black, paint
Operating Temperature 0 to 49°C (32 to 120°F)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% RH (no condensation)
Dimensions 482 (W) × 132.6 (H) × 407 (D)mm (18.98” x 5.22” x 16.02”)
Weight 16.5kg (36.38 lbs)
Accessories AC power cord (2m) × 1, Link cable (3m) × 2, Plastic foot × 4, Plastic foot mounting screw × 4, Removable terminal plug (14 pins) × 3, Removable terminal plug (16 pins) × 1
UL Certified UL 2572

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