New AM-1 Array Mic Takes Aim at Presentation Market

New AM-1 Array Mic Takes Aim at Presentation Market

March 04, 2014

Unquestionably one of the most talked about products since the 2013 Infocomm Show (though at the time it was not "officially" introduced), the TOA AM-1 is set to change the way presentation systems are done. The AM-1 is like no other presentation mic ever offered. The concept of beam-forming (where multiple elements couple to form a more coherent pickup pattern) is not new or unique. However, the AM-1 takes this concept to a whole new level. Through the incorporation of beam-forming technology coupled with intelligent control, the AM-1 provides three key and very important benefits:

1.)Unobtrusive footprint. Its low-profile design stays out of your face and out of sight, improving sightlines (especially on camera) and without intimidating speakers.
2.)Freedom of movement-Its "steerable" array follows the sound source within a user-defined range, so- no more "training" the presenter to stay on mic. No more readjusting for different heights and... No more level variation due to movement.
3.)Highest gain-before-feedback of any mic available! It's extremely narrow (50° above 500Hz) pattern focuses only on the sound you want and not on extraneous sound or background noise. This provides higher gain & clarity with greater immunity to feedback.

The AM-1 system includes a DSP interface with both balanced analog and digital out and allows control and monitoring via any iOS compatible device (available soon on the App Store) or via PC with any browser. This interface allows you to select the sensing "zone" within a 180° radius, where the mic will follow the sound source. Think of it as a boom mic operator that follows you where ever you go within the zone. The TOA AM-1 begins changing the rules in March, 2014. Limited supplies will be available initially. Reserve yours now. For more information, please contact your TOA Sales representative.

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