TOA Electronics, Inc. and American Time Collaborate to offer TOAlert

TOA Electronics, Inc. and American Time Collaborate to offer TOAlert

April 15, 2022


SECAUCUS, NJ – TOA Electronics, Inc., a premier manufacturer of intelligent audio and security systems, and American Time, an industry leader of synchronized clock systems, have come together to offer TOAlert – an EverAlert emergency communication platform. This comprehensive, innovative visual display & campus-wide notification system, supports and extends routine, institutional messaging and emergency notifications. The system is comprised a mix of components – the Dynamic Display, Dynamic View, and Integrator. 


The Dynamic Display is a Smart 22” class HD screen with built-in speakers. The EverAlert platform supports a virtually unlimited number of displays in either a landscape or portrait orientation. It is preloaded with an operating system software, which communicates to the inCloud management portal through wired ethernet or Wi-Fi network. Additionally, the display is able to resume normal operation without intervention after a temporary power interruption.


Dynamic View is a smart media player that allows you to display EverAlert platform alerts, messages, and communications on a broad range of large-format TV monitors through HDMI input. With the ability to broadcast on larger screens, organizations can more clearly communicate daily messages, precise synchronized time, and emergency alerts such as severe weather, lockdown protocols, fire drills, and more.


Lastly, the Integrator is designed to work with the EverAlert emergency communication platform in conjunction with other emergency switch operation. It contains two general purpose inputs that can be connected to contact closure switches and will bridge to the inCloud management portal. 


 The state-of-the-art visual notification and cloud-based clock system, is compatible with our N-8000 Intercom & VM-3000 Mass Communication Systems, and delivers the functions of three systems in one - keeping building occupants safe, informed, and on-time. Additionally, it greatly expands each system’s ability to provide networked control of bell schedules.


TOAlert / EverAlert systems are now shipping from stock. Contact for pricing and more information.


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About TOA
Founded in 1934, 
TOA has over 85 years of experience and is the leading commercial audio, professional sound, and security product manufacturer in the world. TOA products range from digital amplifiers and speakers, to integrated VoIP intercom and paging, to emergency voice evacuation systems for security & communications. 


Known for products that are “built to last”, countless consumers can vouch decades later about units still running today. That same reliability holds true when it comes to offering innovative solutions in corporate, government, education, retail, mass-transit, and other markets alike.


The corporate philosophy, the “Three Confidences”, established in 1953, is still a basis the company follows today – “Confidence in the use of our products”, “Confidence in all our transactions” and “Confidence in all our efforts” – ensuring all clientele has TOTAL CONFIDENCE in a brand they can trust.

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