TOA Electronics, Inc. Announces the CS-761, 2-Way Coaxial Horn Speaker

TOA Electronics, Inc. Announces the CS-761, 2-Way Coaxial Horn Speaker


September 10th, 2021



The CS-761 is a two-way speaker featuring a coaxially positioned 16 cm (6.5") cone speaker and 2.5 cm (1") tweeter. In other words, this combines the best of both worlds of having a full range speaker that also projects over large distances like a typical horn speaker. 


The CS-761 can produce high-quality sound broadcasts with excellent clarity, not only indoors, but its IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating, allows placement in semi-outdoor facilities such as multistory parking structures, and outdoor applications such as sports grounds and parks. The unit comes in black or white with a special paint coating to prevent color degradation, ensuring long-lasting exterior condition. Various mounting brackets, available as accessories, allow the flexibility of mounting the speaker on walls, ceilings, columns or poles. Additionally, a rotary switch enables simple impedance change from 170 Ω up to 1.3 kΩ for 100 V line, and 83 Ω up to 670 Ω for 70 V line applications.


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Black –  

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Available November 2021 from your local TOA dealer or distributor.



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