TOA Electronics, Inc. Announces the Arrival of its IP Horn Speaker, the IP-A1SC15

TOA Electronics, Inc. Announces the Arrival of its IP Horn Speaker, the IP-A1SC15


November 4th, 2020



Based on the popular SC-615 paging horn speaker, the IP-A1SC15 adds IP connectivity, an onboard power amplifier, message memory and GPIO. It is designed to work seamlessly with Video Management Systems. It is powered by PoE, functions from -22°F to 133°F and is rated to IP-66. Up to 20 pre-recorded messages are stored in the IP-A1SC15’s internal memory. 


Messages can be triggered using contact closures or a remote API (HTTP). VMS broadcasting mode allows backchannel audio broadcasts from VMS software using the common IP protocol for IP cameras. The IP-A1SC15 supports SIP protocols for direct paging from SIP or IP telephone systems.


Up to 10 multicast ports are available for paging groups. Each Broadcast mode has an assigned priority, allowing higher priority broadcasts to interrupt lower priority broadcasts. Each Broadcast mode has a volume control which allows all Broadcast Modes to be normalized or optimized. Connected external equipment can be triggered by available contact closures on the IP-A1SC15. The IP protocol and IP Setting Tool are available for free here – IP Setting Tool


Available now from your local TOA dealer or distributor.


Learn more about the IP-A1SC15


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