TOA Announces New Director of Sales, Kimberly Speidel

TOA Announces New Director of Sales, Kimberly Speidel

May 18, 2023

Secaucus, NJ – TOA Electronics Inc., a premier manufacturer of intelligent audio and security systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Kimberly Speidel as Director of Sales effective June 1, 2023. In this national responsibility she will direct the existing sales force and will be adding representation to our planned future development in the security-education market. 

Kimberly will also be assuming responsibility for our sales in Latin America. Kimberly’s prior experience in the security industry, sales management and contributions to TOA over the past fifteen years have prepared her to direct TOA’s sales activities moving forward.

“I am very excited about the direction in which TOA is taking in respect to supporting our customers in the markets we serve.  Our manufacturing capabilities in Japan, design capabilities in the US, along with our sales team are dedicated to providing the right products and solutions through our sales channels. Not only with our audio products but with our IP series products for the security market. I know I have the support of our organization going forward in the coming years.” 

                                                Kimberly Speidel, Director of Sales
                                                TOA Electronics, Inc. 

Kimberly Speidel can be contacted at 949-291-1344 or via e-mail at

About TOA

Founded in 1934, TOA has over 85 years of experience and is the leading commercial audio, professional sound, and security product manufacturer in the world. TOA products range from digital amplifiers and speakers, to integrated VoIP intercom and paging, to emergency voice evacuation systems for security & communications. 


Known for products that are “built to last”, countless consumers can vouch decades later about units still running today. That same reliability holds true when it comes to offering innovative solutions in corporate, government, education, retail, mass-transit, and other markets alike.


The corporate philosophy, the “Three Confidences”, established in 1953, is still a basis the company follows today – “Confidence in the use of our products”, “Confidence in all our transactions” and “Confidence in all our efforts” – ensuring all clientele has TOTAL CONFIDENCE in a brand they can trust.

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