TOA Announces New President & CEO, Yuma Kawai

TOA Announces New President & CEO, Yuma Kawai

December 27th, 2023 


Secaucus, NJ – TOA Electronics Inc., a premier manufacturer of intelligent audio and security systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Yuma Kawai as President & CEO effective January 1st, 2024. 


This comes as an easy transition – already being the President & CEO of TOA Corporation’s Canadian subsidiary, TOA Canada Corporation. Kawai, who came onboard as CTO of TEI (Q2 of 2023), worked very closely with his predecessor, now former President Hiro Omura, throughout the year. The mentorship, which not only prepared Kawai in undertaking his future as President, has also made for a smooth transferal – both internally and externally, in the leadership of the company.


“I am extremely proud to assume the role as the new President of TOA Electronics, Inc. and lead this team. Throughout our company's history, we have been dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality audio equipment, along with delivering exceptional audio experiences to our valued customers. I am committed to upholding this tradition and building new successes in the future.


Our mission is to address our customers' audio-related concerns through the delivery of top-quality audio equipment. We aim to support your safety and communication in public spaces such as retail stores, commercial facilities, schools, houses of worship and hospitals along with the other markets we serve.  Building trust with our customers and contributing to communication in society through sound, are key aspects of our corporate purpose.


In my new position, I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the team, employing innovative approaches, and delivering outstanding services to exceed customer expectations. I am excited about the prospect of sharing richer experiences through communication and IP networking with all of you.


Finally, I express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and cooperation. I look forward to working together to create a fantastic future.”   

Yuma Kawai – President & CEO

TOA Electronics, Inc.



About TOA
Founded in 1934, TOA has over 85 years of experience and is the leading commercial audio, professional sound, and security product manufacturer in the world. TOA products range from digital amplifiers and speakers, to integrated VoIP intercom and paging, to emergency voice evacuation systems for security & communications. 


Known for products that are “built to last”, countless consumers can vouch decades later about units still running today. That same reliability holds true when it comes to offering innovative solutions in corporate, government, education, retail, mass-transit, and other markets alike.


The corporate philosophy, the “Three Confidences”, established in 1953, is still a basis the company follows today – “Confidence in the use of our products”, “Confidence in all our transactions” and “Confidence in all our efforts” – ensuring all clientele has TOTAL CONFIDENCE in a brand they can trust.

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