TOA US Headquarter Relocation

TOA US Headquarter Relocation

March 10, 2021


Our TOA US Headquarters has moved! 

Not to worry, this move only comes as a floor change, so all other address information remains the same. We are now located on the 7th floor in Suite 700. 

Please be sure to update and remit all TOA Electronics correspondence to:

TOA Electronics, Inc.

1 Harmon Plaza 

Suite 700

Secaucus, NJ 07094


Notice to USPS has been relayed in order to help with the transition during this process, however, any mail or package sent still using the same address, may experience a delay in receipt. It is essential to have this information updated so we are able to receive important communication without interruption.


We are ecstatic with this location change, and have successfully moved all pertinent operations to continue a smooth workflow.

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